In 2005, a job opportunity brought me to Kuala Lumpur from Argentina, where I discovered the art of Batik.I was astounded by the seemingly infinite variety of designs available on silks. Upon picking up the tjanting, I started to experiment with using the hot wax that flowed from this design tool, I realized that I had found my passion. Azizi Hassan, a Batik master, has taught me extensively about the techniques behind this ancient art form. My Mentor and friend, Eddie Yap, a reputable Chinese-Malaysian batik master has helped develop my creative skills and strengthen my designs.

I remain very much indebted to both to them for their tutelage and support since embarking on this creative journey. After three years in Barcelona, I had return to Kuala Lumpur, where I enjoy giving courses and working in my studio as I continue along this exciting path.

The batik Technique



The richness of the Batik dyeing technique lies in the way the wax flows on the fabric and the possibility of working in negative and positive. The possibilities for results are endless and each piece is a new discovery. On the other hand, I love to see the emotions generated by wearing the clothes. People feel confident and safer when dressing. This is the product of the nobility of the materials and the quality and elegance of each design.

Inspiration :

The richness of cultures around the World and motion in everyday life over the passage of time both motivates or captivates me.

Approach :

Batik is the unique and millenary technique that forms the foundation upon which I add my touch, an embellishment of modern interpretation.


I strongly believe design is a process of continuous renewal. Each design I create must be a one of a kind and thus unique.

Natural materials:

Only soft silks and cottons are used. I love the weight, feel and how these materials fall; essential in the creation of elegant textile pieces.