Hand-crafted scarfs, sarongs & customized designs made ​​with the ancient art of Batik  natural fabric decoration with beeswax.

We can personalize it as you wish.

Produced in fair working conditions.


Batik Secrets offers unique design pieces, handcrafted and custom made with the Batik dyeing technique.

This ancestral technique is based on the art of drawing with beeswax and resin on canvases of noble genres, which are then dyed with different inks to give color.

Among our garments you will find men's shirts, skirts, pants, dresses and blouses, all made of natural silk and cotton fabrics.

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The style of our Batik is unique since we work with abstract, minimalist, modern and easy to combine designs. Each piece is a unique work of art that allows you to dress at any time of the year, given the quality and versatility of our products 

About the Batik technique:

Hand Painting:

The pieces are painted by hand with chanting and especially on silk. This guarantees the exclusivity of the design.


Batik is performed with copper stamps, handcrafted by skilled artists from the east coast of Malaysia. This technique allows us to work with printed patterns especially on cotton.

About the Collection:

Each garment is made by refugee women who work to support their families and find in Batik Secrets a possibility to empower themselves.