Batik Art Class at the Secondary School

The School Art teacher wanted to introduce the milenary art of the batik to her students. So we made a special Batik workshop to this secondary school students druing the hours of the Art Class.

It took place at a secondary school in Barcelona, they where introduce to an new way of art that is unknown in Spain and they had never experienced before. The students had a great time experiencing with the wax, trying the different tjantings and using the dyes to finish the batik artwork. The gallery of pictures describe the whole class, a unique experience that they went through as it was there first time using the batik tools and technique.

Final Batik Artwork! Amazing results from the school students. And I had a very enhancing experience teaching them about this millenary art. Looking forward to the next students to be introduce to the Batik Art. See you soon. And thanks for following us.

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