Batik Classes

The Batik is an ancient technique of textile printing in which beeswax is used as a means to achieve decorative fabrics.

Do you want to learn about the Malaysian textile culture? Learn about the art of batik?

This course offers the opportunity to get started in the technique of batik, acquire basic knowledge about Tjanting, a traditional tool, and delve into this world discovering the mystique of this decorative art.

Course given by Maureen Clarke, Batik Designer, who has lived more than ten years in Malaysia, where she learned the traditional batik technique together with Mohamed Aziz Hassan, Master of Batik.

Exclusive Batik Lessons in English and Spanish language.

Tjanting, wax mixes, drawing lines and first steps coloring. Tjanting, wax circles and painting mixing colors. Fix the colors and remove the wax from the fabric. Final project, design and paint a Batik Shawl. Includes Cotton (50cm x 50cm), Materials, Dyes and Tools. 

New Courses starting in February!

4 lessons per month with a duration of 2 1/2 hours per class.

Limited students per class at the Batik Studio.

Basic course duration of 30 hours.

RM 600 per month.

For more information and registration,

Maureen Clarke

Tel: +60126169582



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